Thursday, May 13, 2010

Too tired to blog

This week has been a challenge to say the least! Last weekend was good. On Saturday Monkeysinmypocket Facebook Page reached 111 'Likers' in less than a week. I gave away a set of my Pjs.
Sunday was Mothers Day and I scored there! An Overlocker! Yep, how lucky am I? I don't actually have it yet, but have been given permission to look for one at next weeks Craft & Quilt fair in Perth. Exciting I know!!
But then Monday it started. I wasn't expecting it that's for sure. He's always been a good sleeper. Well, except for the usual things like sickness and loud noises. This is making our house very unhappy at the moment. We are up to night 4 but it seems longer! William all of a sudden has been waking at 1am and is wide awake, ready for action. I looked for all the normal causes. Is he too hot, too cold, sore, hungry, thirsty? I found teeth, BIG TEETH erupting. Two year old molars are poking through. I tried Nurofen. Didn't work. I tried leaving him. Screamed for hours before finally dropping off after I gave up and stood at the bed.
Night 2, I let him sleep in our bed after half an hour. He was asleep in an instant.
Night 3, I went in, put him under the covers and left without a word. I lost count after 5 repositionings!
Tonight is night 4. I'm expecting it again, hoping I'm wrong!
We just aren't used to being awake for long periods anymore! We are all fuzzy and bleary eyed. I haven't sewn all week, I haven't blogged for ages. I'm trying to resist drinking coffee from a bucket, but I might fail tomorrow!

I'm hoping this cheeky little monkey will return to normal very soon!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Facebook Giveaway

Monkeysinmypocket has a Facebook page YAY!! Help me get to 100 fans (likes) for my first giveaway!!!
Details to come soon.

Oh, I'm working on some larger sizes of Pjs. Any requests? I've got fours and fives. Should I go larger?