Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Kids On the Block

No, not the boy band of my youth! These new kids....

We picked them up on Saturday. Our new "Friendly Goats"

They are brother and sister. We haven't named them yet. They are pretty cute.

We are bottle feeding them three times a day at the moment. As soon as we get a shelter in their paddock they can go outside. The weather here is pretty awful again. We lost another fence today and more trees.
Anyway we need a few name suggestions as we are really stuck on ideas. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Do you ever experiment? I do, all the time. Usually with food, sometimes with sewing. Sometimes my experiments work and sometimes they don't. This is one time it did. And I'm pretty chuffed about it.

I took my Make It Perfect kids vest pattern (from Toni's book) and instead of putting a collar on it I added a hood! Instead of padding it with pellon and making it reversible I lined the body with polar fleece and for the hood used some purple flannel. I love it!
This is for little Bella for her birthday. She is one of Williams best friends. She has juvenile arthritis and has an aversion to wearing clothes with sleeves and pants. I'm hoping the vest might help keep her a bit warmer while she scoots around on her new pink scooter she got from her mum and dad.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Cute baby shoes

I made these super cute little baby shoes for Samuel today.

The pattern is reversible but I used some left over minki for the inside instead.
I enlarged the pattern on the photocopier as the size was only for newborn. I made it big enough so the sole was the right size for Samuels feet so I made them. I changed the elastic length so it made the foot hole bigger too.
When I had finished them, they didn't fit!
I think they are so cute, I'm going to have to enlarge the pattern again and use bigger elastic pieces! Lucky they were quick and easy to make. I'm definitely going to make more than one pair.
My friend Emily had a baby boy on Wednesday so I think I will add this pair to her baby gift bag!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Friendly Ibis

We seem to have inherited an Ibis. Every year it comes back for the winter, all by itself, no other friends. It hangs out with the chooks, eats worms and critters out of the vegie garden, and every afternoon stands on the fence and looks into the lounge room window at us!

He's ugly but kinda cool!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Six Months

Look at this little fella. He's six months old today.

He is such a cute little guy, always happy, always hungry! He loves his big brother, he can roll over when he really wants something, but usually just stops on his side. He barely makes a noise when he wakes from a sleep, so some days I wonder how long he has been lying in his cot waiting for me to come in! Most of the time he sleeps from 5.30pm til 4am and I think his most favorite thing besides food (and me) is having a bath! Starts squealing as soon as he hears the water running!

We are so blessed to have him in our family. I love him to bits.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Vest

I love Make it Perfect patterns. They are so easy to follow and what ever it is that I am making, always turns out perfect!
I finally got around to making this cute vest for Samuel.

Isn't it sweet? And doesn't he look cute in it?

Friday, July 8, 2011


When the piggies were born we decided that we had better move them from the paddock into the calf rearing shed as we were expecting lots of rain over the week.

Lucky we did as a tree fell right on top of where she had them in her paddock when we had the tornado.

Yesterday their new home was finished and we set them free again!

They loved the grass!

It was great to see them outside, running after mummy pig (now named Doris), hiding in the grass, just being piggies!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Goodness I'm getting slack!

Is it getting longer between posts? Or is it just me? I must pick up my game! It's not that I haven't been doing anything, or that I've been overly busy. It's just that I sit down to post and along comes William who decides to use me as a climbing frame. Or Samuel wakes up and wants a feed or has done a poo! Right now, William is outside with Ben changing the water trough in the new pig paddock for the piglets! Yes! Piglets! And Samuel is trying to go to sleep. Here's hoping!

Aren't they cute! there's eight. Six girls and two boys.

I have also been sewing. I got a replacement JH which is behaving perfectly so I'm happy about that. I have also been enjoying the company of a lovely person in the sewing room with me. She and her husband bought a farm five minutes down the road from us and she's been just dying to learn to sew. So, I set up the Brother at the other end of the table and she's been sewing with me a couple of times a week. I'm loving it. She's going great guns too. She's making a jacket for her daughter who is a week and a half younger than Samuel (and her first kid is around Williams age). No help from me, she's straight into it and addicted! It really is fun. We chat about life and kids and other stuff and the kids fight play to their hearts content.
It's also shown me how much I miss having my close friends around. And seeing as they are all in Victoria it's a bit hard to just pop over for a catch up. In fact I've noticed my whole circle of friends changing recently. Funny that. But it is interesting to see how as your life changes so do the people in it. You seem to attract people with similar values and priorities.
Life is getting funner here and I'm starting to enjoy it again!