Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby Boy Bunting Quilt

I finished the binding on this cute bunting quilt last night. It matches the bunting and cushion I made here.

I love it, the colours, the prints, the design, the super soft Michael Miller flannel backing, the binding, all of it. It is cot size and I think I might need to make a couple more (maybe one for Samuel). It is for one of my lucky friends and I hope she loves it too.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Straight or Curved?

Do you use straight or curved basting pins?

I used to use straight.

Until I bought curved ones without realizing. I put off using them as I thought they would be harder to use. Finally I couldn't hold off any longer. I don't know what I was so worried about. They were much easier to poke through and do up due to their little curve in the middle.

They are my new favorite basting pins. Which do you prefer?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

While the husband was away

Ben was in Sydney for Equitana over the weekend selling his Horserail, so I had a lovely time sewing my little heart out.

A friend asked me to make some bunting and a quilt for her little ones room. The bunting was fun and got me super inspired.

I whipped up this Sprocket Pillow following Allison's tutorial. I had so much fun with this. It was pretty easy and I actually just used the left over bunting triangles for it, so didn't even need to cut rounded ended ones. The side if it is some Michael Miller flannel and the back is minki dot fabric for a bit of fun.

Then I had a brilliant idea for a friend who LOVES donkeys. So I started sewing these blocks like a mad woman. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted the quilt to look like - modern, fun and bright. I have finished the top but the batteries went flat on the camera after I took these two pics so more once it is charged.

I think she will love it, especially for snuggling under on the couch in winter.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today's my birthday. I'm 36 years old. Another year older - definitely, another year wiser? Maybe not!!
As Ben is away, I spent the early morning sewing up a 'bunting' quilt (told William that I wasn't playing with him this morning as it was my birthday and I wanted to sew - believe it or not it worked!!) and then went to Millers Icecream for birthday cake with the kids and a couple of close friends (and their kids of course!). It was great fun until the kids started fighting - time to go home!
Back home for a rest, well, William is fast asleep, Samuel, no such luck. So, going to try to cut out a quilt with the last of my Donkeys in Wellies from Scarlet Fig. After all.....It's MY birthday, I can do what I want!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Miss Me?

I've been away for a while haven't I? I went to Victoria to visit baby Hayley and the rest of my family.
Baby Hayley is going great by the way. Absolutely no idea why she had such a hard start to life and permanent disabilities wont be obvious until the 'milestones' start happening, but for now, she is a normal perfect baby.
So we were away for two weeks, a long time for a three year old to be away from his favorite toys and the rest of his things but we managed to survive the two weeks fairly unscathed and even made it back to WA on our original Qantas flight that was cancelled and then on again!
We did some fun things like visit Sovereign Hill which was a fun day but maybe a little bit much for William. He didn't like anyone in costume or the mine, or the steam engines but did love panning for gold! We found a few little specks, nothing that would pay off the farm though!
My baby sister (she's 27now!) announced that her and her partner got engaged. They are both chefs so I'm very excited to have 2 people in the family to talk food with!!
My new mare finally had her foal. A little (big) colt. He was a little over cooked and squashed in her belly and was born with a sore neck which prevented him from feeding by himself so needed assistance with that for a couple of days and some pain relief, but he is motoring along now. Can't wait for him to be my new riding horse in a few years (a long wait but one that will be worth it I'm sure).
I'm finally making Samuel a quilt all be it a cheats quilt! I'm just hand quilting it so I'll give some photos soon.
Anyway, I'm back!