Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Today I cleaned

Today, I cleaned. I cleaned like a woman possessed. It is something that I have been avoiding lately. Well, since I had two boys and a husband that can't use the rubbish bin and can't put anything away. 
Funnily, I used to be a clean person. I couldn't stand living in a dirty messy house. But one day, I gave up. Just like that. 
Then we got a cleaning lady. Well, two actually. They came together and cleaned. But strangely I always felt uncomfortable about them doing something that I could have done. And I always had to tidy up before they cleaned. Just so they didn't think we lived in a complete pigsty. Then I sacked them. I thought they weren't doing a good enough job and that I could do it myself! Well, I could do a better job, and for a couple of weeks I did. Then I stopped.
Not completely, just mostly. I still cleaned the kitchen and  swept up copious amounts of sand but that was about it.
A few months ago I went along to an Enjo party. Mostly because I just needed to get out of the house and speak to other adults. The sales lady did a great job. She did some demos on the hosts house and I was sold. I was so inspired I couldn't wait for my Enjo to arrive. When it finally did, I realised that my house was twice if not three times dirtier than the one at that party and that Enjo just wasn't cutting it for me. Hmm, maybe I wasn't using it right, but those depressing iron stains on my shower grout just weren't moving like she said they would. And my shower screens weren't clear and streak free either. I stopped again.
Fast forward to about two weeks ago now. One of the new mums from school who doesn't really know anyone asked me to host a Nature Direct party for her. She had just started as a seller and needed so many parties in her first month. Her husband ran off with the nanny and she's been pretty upset about it so I agreed. (Remind me to say no to my husband when he suggests a nanny). 
Inspired yet again but this time by the ability of this stuff to actually prove to me that it can actually cope with the dirt in my house (She cleaned cheap texta drawings off my wall that Enjo smudged and spray and wipe left behind). My order arrived today. 
I combined the Enjo and the Nature Direct Super cleaner and that little magic block and off I went. The grout in the shower has never looked so clean. I could see that orange iron stain being wiped off before my very eyes.
Oh the joy of a clean house. I did both bathrooms - I'd have taken pictures if the bathrooms weren't so disgusting and mouldy. They are clean and fresh and spotless. The floors will no longer leave brown/grey marks on Ebonys knees from the dirt you can't really see (though now it is gone I can see how much was there).
I lost my cleaning mojo there for a while. It was so depressing and a never ending cycle. Dirty house, depressed mummy, can't clean, won't clean, what's the point, so depressing, sucking the life out of me, letting my kids and family down. 
I was letting it hold me back. I couldn't clean it but felt guilty about not doing it and so didn't let myself do anything else either- because I should be cleaning! 
Now I feel I can move on. And amazingly I still am a clean person and I prefer to live in a clean house! I have made a start, now I can keep it clean with my new best cleaning friends,  now I can tackle the rose garden.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

One hundred and ninety nine......

200! This is my 200th post. It has been sitting waiting to come for a long time. What should I do to mark this grand occasion? Should I give something away? Should I announce something? Have a party? I really couldn't decide and honestly, I didn't really have the energy or enthusiasm for it. So I'm just writing this post and seeing where I get to.

Life with three little ones is certainly different to life with two. Don't get me wrong, it is filled with fun and laughter and love, but add that extra one in and  the third one changes the game. For a while I was like "This is so easy!" "Three isn't hard" "They don't know what they are on about". Then they start solids. Since then, I feel like I just can't get myself organised. I feel like my life revolves around the kitchen. Breakfast for four people (that's 3 kids and me - husband can fend for himself). Everyone wants something different, but they all want it now. It's mostly OK until one wants more and is still starving even after 3 weetbix.
School lunch next with morning tea. This must be thought out long and hard as it needs to be filling but not too much that he spends all his time eating and doesn't get to play.

After school drop off there is morning tea, more food. Then lunch, followed by afternoon tea.

Then dinner. One has to eat by four thirty at the latest. But she's fussy. None of this same stuff two days in a row. And really only vegies and a bit of meat. That's all she wants. The two boys - got to eat by five. Mostly I make them something they didn't want and nine times out of ten it is disgusting - or so I'm told.
Husband at the moment is on a Gluten Elimination diet. That means regardless of whether I want to be or not I am too. Enough said.

Three different dinners. Three different times.

Then the clean up.

I can see where the old saying of 'Chained to the kitchen sink' came from!

I have grand plans of gardening, sewing, getting fit. Maybe one day I will, but for now my life revolves around kids and food.

Maybe next time I'll share what I feed them! Who knows.....