Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New things

We had an exciting long weekend here. We had Chocky the pony arrive on Sunday. William has been trying to ride the dog and the poor cats so we felt maybe we needed something a little more substantial!
He adored Chocky from the moment he saw him. He has a little ride every day and we feed him grass and brush him.
I found a little helmet for William. When we were in the shop he tried on 2 other ones, well we almost got them on his head. He refused to put them on. Then the shop lady got the old style white egg out and he wouldnt take it off! He wore it home and continued to wear it while playing in the sandpit.
And speaking of sandpits....Ben built a new one of those too! The old one was a tiny triangle of sand where a tree had been taken out for the new fence. As William was growing bigger there became less room for all the trucks and tractors to fit. So the new one was built!

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