Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things are looking up!

So, the reports on baby Hayley are getting better everyday. I get text messages every so often and a photo and I talk with my sis every night about her day with her new little bundle of joy.

So, Hayley came off the ventilator yesterday and was doing a great job of breathing on her own.

She has started moving her arms and legs a little bit and poking her tongue out. She has started weeing and pooing - something that we take for granted with a newborn, but to them, a huge milestone! And hiccups! She's been getting hiccups which they say is brilliant!

They were able to tube feed her some of sis's own milk which she was super happy about! All that time on the pump was worth that one feed she said!

The lumbar puncture results were clean but they are now waiting for EEG and MRI results. But so far she is making progress and the Dr's and nurses are really happy about everything.

I can't believe how strong Sis sounds on the phone when I talk to her. She's really positive and feels really lucky that Hayley is in the best possible care and everyone at the hospital are so fantastic.

I sent her the nappy covers I made and she can't wait to get them.

Still wish I was there though. Stupid sinuses!

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