Saturday, October 15, 2011


I've been missing in action these past two weeks. It isn't that I didn't have time to post, or that I didn't want too. I just didn't.
Here's what's been happening:
1. My sister and her husband finally got to take their baby home from hospital (four weeks later)YAY
2. I made my first sponge cake and it didn't flop
3. We went to Perth Royal Show. Great day, with a couple of train rides for William.
4. We took two days (yes 2) to recover from Perth Royal Show
5. We lost Lucy the goose to a naughty fox (right from inside her house. Sad)
6. We went fishing off the Jetty
7. I started BOXING!! Yay! Love it!
8. We have baby guinea fowl and ducklings hatching
9. I added 7 goslings to the menagerie yesterday (they are so cute)
10. I've been doing lots of sewing

Lots going on


Evelyn Jackson said...

I'm so glad to hear about your sister! I've been thinking of you. x

Boxing...awesome! It's hard, hey? I'm 6kg down now. 4.5 to go :)

Forest View Farm said...

yeah it's full on! Love it though. well done on 6kgs! I've only got about 20 to go!