Saturday, October 15, 2011


I've been missing in action these past two weeks. It isn't that I didn't have time to post, or that I didn't want too. I just didn't.
Here's what's been happening:
1. My sister and her husband finally got to take their baby home from hospital (four weeks later)YAY
2. I made my first sponge cake and it didn't flop
3. We went to Perth Royal Show. Great day, with a couple of train rides for William.
4. We took two days (yes 2) to recover from Perth Royal Show
5. We lost Lucy the goose to a naughty fox (right from inside her house. Sad)
6. We went fishing off the Jetty
7. I started BOXING!! Yay! Love it!
8. We have baby guinea fowl and ducklings hatching
9. I added 7 goslings to the menagerie yesterday (they are so cute)
10. I've been doing lots of sewing

Lots going on