Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finished Peak Hour

I finished the Peak Hour quilt the other day. 

This one is toddler size. It's quite wide so can tuck under the mattress in the cot. I love this fabric. I started this quilt here

While I was stitching the last little bit of the binding I found a hole. A pinhead size hole. Deflate. The quilt was intended for sale. I darned it.

Took photos. Offered it on my FB page at less than 50% off for 24hrs.

Then gave it to the one little boy who wanted it most in our house (the quiltless Samuel)

He doesn't care about a hole. He loves cars, loves anything he can hide under or lay on.
He loves this quilt and so do I!


beckandlundy (Patty Sloniger) said...

oh my gosh, that quilt is so adorable, love it!

a maidenhair fern said...

I love this line of fabric, you chose a nice project.