Sunday, August 5, 2012

So Proud

William's kindy class has a mascot. Mr Soft Socks. The kids all get a turn at taking him home and doing something with him. They then have to draw a picture and Mum or Dad has to write a little bit about what they did.
On Wednesday when I picked him up from kindy he was so proudly and importantly holding onto Mr Soft Socks. Mr Soft Socks had chosen him to go home with. I could see he was chuffed.
We had lots of discussions about what we could do with him. The other two kids had taken him in the garden and to the park.
We thought we should do something Mr Soft Socks wouldn't forget. Something really fun.

William decided  to go look for whales.

Alas, there weren't any that day. But Mr Soft Sock had fun looking!