Sunday, June 9, 2013


I'm embarrassed to say I have not even looked at this blog for quite some time. Basically since my last post actually. I've been thinking about all these fantastic posts to write, but just never do it.
This is whats been happening...

Ebony has grown bigger and I've been teaching myself to knit thanks to YouTube! Everyone I tell laughs, but hey - look at the final product! my first garment, or is it an item? Hmmm, anyway it was this cute easy beginner pattern I used. I was so happy with how it turned out.

Samuel fell in love with ear muffs.

This guy lived on our window for a week.

I took this photo - which I love.

These two continue to sometimes not get along.

We picked our one and only apple from the tree - and Samuel ate most. The rest we shared. Delicious.

There are some comments on a couple of my previous posts. I don't know how to reply personally. If someone could tell me, I'd be grateful! Otherwise, there isn't a pattern for my Sunshine and Pinwheel quilt, I made it up as I went! Thank you for asking though! 

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