Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This morning

This morning my trusty sidekick (Miss Ebony) and I were relieved of school run duties and took the opportunity to make the most of the spectacular weather and walk around the farm.
We stopped and took Princess's rug off. Her coat seems to have turned! I reckon she felt much better after some grooming!

Nelson, Mikey and Xav watched us from a paddock over. 

I love walking down the lanes now the trees have shot up. These were planted only two and a half years ago. That's Indy, our Ridgeback. She's a lovely old girl. 

My 'Pride and Joy' Nelson. Can't wait till this fella is old enough to be broken in and ridden. 

Mae, my Jersey cow is due to calf in a couple of weeks, then it will be fun times milking and cheese making again!

The newest addition to the farm is Jerry. He's Nelson's half brother (same mum, different dad). He was born on Friday just been. Within hours we had a massive storm, so he and mum Elle spent the night in luxury in a stable. 

He's such a cutie. Another one for me to ride one day!

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