Saturday, February 20, 2010

busy busy busy

I've always been hopeless at keeping diaries and seems I'm just as bad with blogging!

We have been pretty busy here. I'm trying to put some work into the things around the house that I let go coz I was spending sooo much time infront of my sewing machine! The gardens are being attacked, weeds pulled, cow poo on then a thick layer of mulch. The vegie garden is starting to look loved again. That was really suffereing. The fruit trees I planted when we moved here have all been given either chook poo or cow poo!
We went to Manjimup yesterday and picked up some (3) pigglets. Ben has wanted Wessex Saddlebacks for ages and we found some little ones really cheap in the Quokka so we went and got them. They are in the calf shed at the moment and need a new bigger home that hopefully we can start this week. They are pretty cute. We are trying to make them abit friendlier so we can choose a boer to start breeding when we get a sow.

I have done very little sewing or quilting really. I have made these napkins for Bens mum for her birthday.

I also made this cute little baby quilt come tummy time play mat. I had the red and black ladybird blocks left over from another quilt I made last year and thought I had better start using some scraps that are starting to make their way out of my sewing room! I listed it in my Madeit store

Oh! I almost forgot. My fantastic fabric from Scarlett Fig arrived. Donkeys in Wellies and the giraffes and rhinos. I will take a pick I promise. I'm trying to work out what I'm going to do with it. I have about 20 things in my mind at the moment and am finding it difficult to know where to start!

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