Thursday, February 25, 2010


So all of a sudden the other day I decided to pull my finger out and get my Madeit store up and happening. I have had it semi set up for a while with a couple of tshirts on but i still need to get a logo happening.
Anyway, I've been madly sewing these last couple of days and so far have added 5 new items. Here are a few pics of my handy work! I have already shown the black and white baby bug quilt.

This baby wrap feels so soft to hold. I haven't used any batting, just backed it with the Urban flannel and quilted it with the double edged squares.

I am definately making more of these. I just love holding it. It feels so comforting.

Yay! Crazy Croc Tees! I made one of these for William months ago and have had so many people ask where I got it that I thought these should most certainly go in my Madeit store!

Blue and grey spotted crazy croc!

Green crazy croc!

More designs to come!

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