Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shopping mad!

I went on a little shopping trip today to Bunbury. I was only going to go to Craft Collections to spend my gift voucher I got for my birthday last year, but of course I couldnt help myself!
I ended up first stoping at Textile Traders. I always find a bargain in there and today, it was hard not to spend up big! I found the coolest blue cowboy fabric, in dark and light blue. I found some cool fire trucks too. As soon as I saw the cowboys, I knew what I was making - yep - PYJAMAS!

This groovy set is now listed in my Madeit Store

Next I went to Harvey Norman (didn't want to, but husband wanted me to look at a bed - didnt like it!). Then onto Spotlight, where I wondered around looking at stuff and then saw some curtain fabric for William. Never made curtains before, but will be in the next few days!

Finally I got to where I was meant to go, and found some flannel and cute pigs, none of which are for me! oh well, I get the satisfaction of sewing with it one day I guess!
Off to make more Pjs. I love Pyjamas...

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