Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Two down

I finally finished this quilt for Ben's grandma - also known as Ma. She is in her mid 80s and we wanted to give her something special for christmas. Yes I know that was months ago now. But I spoke to her about it and asked if she would like a quilt. Of course she would! I wasn't too sure as all the past christmas' have been, noughat or bickky tins. She is trying to get work out who she is going to give all her belongings to when she is gone and I didn't think she would want to add another item to the list, but she was pretty happy with the idea. That was decided 3 days before Christmas. She knew she would have to wait a little while. Well, I had it all made by the end of Jan, and only had to bind it. It took all of Feb to do that!

I tried to get some artistic shots, but William wanted to be in them too!
Since this year I want to take my quilting a bit further, I decided it was time to really try the free motion stippling. So this was my first real go. I must say I really enjoyed it.

And to step further out of my comfort zone I made this pink whirlygig quilt to practice peicing bits that weren't just squares and strips.

And today I am quickly working on a quilt using the Donkeys in Wellies frabric from Scarlett Fig. My dear friend Disy was diagnosed last year with Parkinsons and I sadly was told this week that it is starting to take over. Disy loves donkeys and always said to me that although she was nearly 70 she still felt 19. Well, I hope the quilt will help to keep her feeling young, it is nice and bright. I am heading to Victoria on Friday and am hoping to get the majority of it finished so I can give it to her in person.
I will add some photos of the blocks later.
Oh, so, I have 2 quilts finished and 2 two go! One just needs binding, and I'm really proud of that one as it is completely different from anything I have done before and I did it all very late at night - no pattern or direction, all my own! Pic later!

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