Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's official!

I have the official verdict on the Monkeys in My Pocket Pyjamas. Given to me straight from the horses mouth! My neice Felicity who turned seven this year was given a set for her birthday this year. This morning she told me...and I quote,
"They are the BEST pyjamas I've ever had. They are soooooooo comfortable, I never want to take them off! I love them sooooo much!"
She went on to tell me she wore them on the drive to Shark Bay, which I believe is a ten hour drive from Perth, and they were so comfortable in the car. Apparently she wore them almost everyday of the two week holiday!

So, there you have it! And so I have been making more, and more, and there are more to come!

You can get yours here
About the sizing... I don't think I will worry about making smaller than the 2/3, but I will definately be making some larger sizes like 5 and 6, maybe bigger. What do you think?

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