Tuesday, April 6, 2010

two quilts

Early last week I got an email from MichelleM asking for a custom quilt. She had been looking for something for a while and liked some of mine. She didn't want anything too girly so she had a look on my flickr to see some of my others and liked Ma's quilt the best. Luckily I had enough fabric left over to make a baby sized one for Michelle.

I shipped it off last night to Canberra to its new home with Michelle and her little girl. I know it will be loved as Michelle was so excited when I emailed her a picture! I love making baby quilts and love it even more when they are going to someone who I know will love them more than me! (Even though I am sad to see them go coz I always want to keep them!!)

I made this one about a month ago and just had to bind it. I decided late one night that I wanted to try a star, so I had fun randomly cutting into some scraps and sewing them together where ever they fitted! It is so cool! I love it and even though it is only really little, I am definately keeping this one!!

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