Friday, September 17, 2010

How time flies!

Goodness, it has been 4 months since my last post! Slack some might say but I do have good reason...
It seems my tiredness I spoke about in my last post was not much to do with Williams sleeping but more to do with being pregnant again! Yay! It's a bit exciting but scary too!
Anyway, I had terrible all day morning sickness and there were days when I could only manage to stomach juice, so I had my trusty book 'Feeding the Bump' out and worked my way through the juices to try and settle my stomach. It helped a bit, but I had to cut out Coffee first then found tea didn't help either, then the hot milo had to stop and at 11 weeks the sickness all but went away. Then the real tiredness set in! I spent most of the day on the couch as I just didnt have the energy to get up and do stuff. Now at 21 weeks everything is going great! My belly seems to be bigger at this stage than it was last time but someone told me that was normal sometimes.
A funny thing - my good friend is due three days before me! We joke about going into labour together and being in hospital together, but now her doctor wants her to have the baby in Bunbury instead of Busselton so that has put a slight dampener on our jokes!
All my sewing stopped for a good three months but I'm slowly getting back into it and have been making some baby slings for friends and their friends and some cute summer baby hats for them too as they have had real trouble finding ones for 6 week olds!

Heres a pic of cute little Hunter happy in his sling!

And here is one of his hats! They are so cute being so small and totally reversable

I made them using the fantastic Make it Perfect pattern.
This pattern was one of the first ones I bought and made for William when I couldn't find a hat to fit him that didn't carry a dreaded generic label.
I love the Make it perfect patterns, I have a few, they are so easy to follow and make.
And with that I will retreat to the kitchen table and start sewing some more! I think I will make a girly one now for my friend Madeline who had a baby girl last night, I think she will need one soon!

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