Saturday, October 23, 2010

Don't they just melt your heart?

I think I have the cutest most adorable two year old there is. I know it is a bit biased but he really is sweet.
I was going to write about something else but as I was logging in, woke from his afternoon rest. He didn't want to rest but it was obvious he was tired, so I persisted. He has recently started to emerge from his bedroom shortly after being set up on his bed with a book and a blanket, proclaiming "I'm not tired" or "Mum, I've finished resting" only a mere five minutes later.
Today I made some threats that he would miss out on something if he got off his bed again. It worked. He stayed put and eventually fell asleep.
When he woke a few hours later, I could here him calling me "Mum! Where are you?" I thought that he would come out as he usually does and find me so I continued on the computer. Nope, the calling continued. I thought I had better go see him, and found him standing at his bed very tentative about moving.
When I got up to him he asked in his most sweetest voice "Can I come out now?"

Don't they just melt your heart?!

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