Monday, August 22, 2011


I think William and Samuel are going to have alot of fun when they are a bit bigger. It is starting to happen already. Samuel adores his big brother. If he hears Williams voice, he stops and has to see what's happening. Doesn't matter what he's doing, or where he is. Sometimes he almost wriggles out of my arms.
William loves playing 'peek-a-boo' with him and reading books to him.
A few weeks ago, we stayed in Perth for a Racehorse Awards night. We were all staying in the same room at the Hyatt. Samuel woke up crying in the night, while I was trying to settle him, William started singing the Alphabet song to him - in his sleep! He has trouble with saying W and says 'double X' instead. He sang the whole song - stumbled over 'double X' a couple of times and then carried on sleeping. It was so sweet.

Samuel was seven months on Saturday. I can't believe it. He's more than half a year old already!

Loving the red hair and blue eyes. I think they are going to stay that way. Super cute!