Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Farewell Disy

My dear old friend Disy passed away this morning. She had been unwell for a few years now and in the last twelve months in and out of hospital.

She was a funny old thing. Desperately dedicated to her horses, she loved her mares and foals. I'm very honoured to have one of her favorites Eliza Dane here on our farm. I bought her last year from Disy and her husband Tim.

The first time I met Disy I didn't know what to think! I went for a job interveiw on her farm and she rushed me around in her old Holden ute, ordering me to open the gate and telling me which horses were which. I was pretty scared of her for a while. But we became close friends. When I stopped working for her, she cried and gave me a pair of socks! I went to work for her again on the weekends and at Yearling Sale times which was so fun and made her happy.

She loved a glass of wine, but only white and only Chardonnay (think I'll have a little one tonight in her honour). After a glass or two she'd have tears in her eyes telling me about her first her first born son who died when he was only a few days old.
She hated the thought of getting old, and often told me that at nearly 70 she still felt like she was only 19.

She and her darling husband Tim worked so hard all their lives to produce successful racehorses. They had a beautiful farm that they sadly had to sell last year as Disy was just in too much pain and they were too far from the hospital.

I think if Disy hadn't have been so unwell she would have died working!

She taught me alot about horses and farm management and life in general.
I will miss her dearly.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely words Jo. What a lovely, down to earth lady.