Tuesday, February 1, 2011

For the mother in law

It's my mother in law's birthday on Valentine's Day. Oh, wait. Which mother in law? I have 2. A step mother in law and a real mother in law. It is the REAL mother in law's bithday on Valentine's Day.
She will be 60. She asked to NOT have a big party but to have a quiet family picnic. That should be fine, as long as it isn't too hot! Any way, I thought I would make her a quilt. Not a big one, just a lap size one. She would definately use it so it would be worth while. And dare I say it, it is one of my "to do list" things this year - to be nicer to her! It's awful I know but ever since she 'over stayed' her hospital visit time when William was born, I lost a lot of time for her. So I made up my mind to try and have more time for her, especially now that we have two of her grand children here!
Anyway, this is the fabric I have chosen for her.

It is a mixture of Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley and a couple of fat quarters I got as a bonus from an internet fabric order.

I just have to decide how to put it together. Something simple that I can do in 14 days!! Remember though I have just has a baby so time is limited!
Wish me luck!


Evelyn Jackson said...

I know how you feel with MIL's that outstay welcomes! R was born last Tues and my MIL has invited herself from Syd for 4 nights! She arrives Sat. Good luck!

Monkeys in my pocket said...

Oh No! That is one of my pet hates. people who invite themself! I think you need the Good Luck more than me! I'll be thinking of you!