Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My mum's coming today!

Yippee! My mum is coming over to WA today! She lives in Victoria, where I used to live too until 4 and a half years ago. She's coming over to meet her newest grandson, and to spend two weeks playing with William.... according to William!! Apparently she will be playing in the 'fish room' (that's the toy room that has a marine fish tank in it, we call it the fish room), jumping on the 'tampaween', digging in the sandpit, making icecweem, taking me to the park, and so the list goes on. What a busy Nanny!

Luckily she drinks LOTS of coffee!!

Unfortunately though there doesn't look like there will be much driving anywhere this week or weekend as my darling husband, just this morning, put a large stick through the engine of my Prado while rounding up the escaped cows (again) that were enjoying the green grass around the dam at the stables. I'm still smiling though, can't you see my gritted teeth?!
Oh we do have a motorbike by the way, but it has been in Perth since September getting fixed. Perhaps we should have just bought a new one?

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