Saturday, February 12, 2011

I got one! I got one!

YIPPEE!! look what I got for Valentines Day!

Ben decided that seeing as our horses sold so well at the sales that he would stop on the way home and pick me up a new sewing machine! Isn't that amazing!
The second I saw the new Janome Horizon at the shop back in November last year I just knew we were destined to be together one day!
Of course, I think Ben was more excited about actually giving it to me, coz as soon as he got home from Perth he asked me if I wanted my Valentines Day gift now or on Monday. I was happy to wait...but he wasn't! He kept asking and asking! So, I said OK give it to me now.
I haven't had a play with it yet, but my mum has! She got her Janome sewing machine 30years ago. I knew it was a long time ago but didnt think it was that long ago! Isn't that amazing? She said she paid $1100 back then. Probably the same as paying $10000 for one now!
I hope my new Janome Horizon lasts 30 years! I better look after it!
Oh and I finished a quilt!

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Evelyn Jackson said...

You got one! You got one!