Friday, July 20, 2012

A Scrappy Wonky Stringy Thingy

Hubby told me the other day to make some new cushions. He is sick of the boys taking them into their little cubby. Yep, I can!
I've wanted to try a string quilt for ages but I've hesitated at the paper piecing. Hmmm, seems too hard for me.
Anyway, I decided to start small - four blocks - I can handle that.
I had scraps from this quilt, which were perfect for the boys and seeing as I've been up at 4am every morning this week with a sick Samuel, I've had plenty of time to test my skills.  

Turns out it isn't really that hard. In fact, I think the hardest thing was trying to get the paper off the back. I used just normal Reflex paper out of the printer. Maybe next time, I'll use a lesser quality! 

Samuel thought the Scrappy Wonky Stringy Thingy was great.....

...for about 4 seconds, then had a meltdown. 

And then that was the end of our photo shoot.

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Jessica said...

Awesome cushion! I love that fabric range!