Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Collaborating for a Cause

So a couple of Kylie's and me have been working madly on making some items for the Facebook Charity Auction called Collaborate for a Cause.
Our chosen charity is Little Angels Memory Boxes. We are hoping to raise this amazing orgnaisation some much needed funds so they can continue to put together the special memory boxes for families who have suffered a miscarriage or baby born sleeping.
At first I chose this charity as I wanted to help someone I knew - the WA coordinator. But that changed recently when I suffered a miscarriage myself. I received a Memory Bag unexpectedly which was such a surprise but something that I can keep as a precious token of a pregnancy ended early.
Anyway, these are the items we've made and if you are on Facebook, most definitely pop over and have a look at the other amazing packages up for Auction. There are loads and loads of charities being supported.

I made a Single Bed size Ruby Patchwork quilt with matching Ruby Pillowcase

Kylie (1) from Chickadoo Lane made this gorgeous vintage style doll from the pattern that her Grandma used to make her daughters dolls from - CUTE!

She also made this sweet bunting which is sure to brighten any girls room

Some matching hair ties and clips

And Kylie(2) from Wombat and Poss knitted this amazing patchwork Cushion and sweet matching slippers.

WOW! What a Collaboration! All made out of Ruby (or matching) and all super special.

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