Monday, July 23, 2012

UFO - Finished

A fair while ago, might have been last year, I don't exactly remember, I stumbled across this Pinwheels in the Park quilt   on the Sew, Mamma, Sew blog, and loved it. I knew straight away I wanted to make one and I knew I wanted to use Sarah Jane's Children at Play fabrics
I made this  quilt for my niece back in April, with plans of it to be a single bed size, but my sister wanted a small one for everyday. OK. I did that.
I still wanted to go with my original plan, so once I finished nieces, I started this one.

It sat for a long time waiting for me to bind it. I was going to hand stitch it but changed my mind. Perhaps I felt guilty about not doing the hand quilting, that might be why it sat for so long. Anyway, I finished it on Sunday morning, and I love it. (Excuse my bad photography, the sun was too glaringly bright and blinding and you can't really see the blocks fantastically so I took them in the shade.)

My favourite block

The back. I love those children marching. I'm tempted to have a go at the little embroidery patterns Sarah Jane does too.

This quilt measures 137cm x 180cm and is now listed in my Shop

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Ashlee Christopher said...

WOw this turned out great! love your blog title its too cute! Happy I found your great blog!