Thursday, March 3, 2011

In six weeks

It has been six weeks(and 1 day) since Samuel was born. I'm sort of unsure of how it feels to be here already. On the one hand it feels like it has gone really fast, but on the other it feels like it has been taking forever! Weird I know!

Here's a photo of the little fella yesterday.

In six weeks I have learned alot about Samuel already. I've learned that he is a hungry boy, he loves to snuggle into my neck, he likes to flirt with the door frame behind me when I sit in the rocking chair in my bedroom. He likes to listen to his big brother 'read' him stories, he likes to swing on the swing seat outside in the evening. He loves his bath, he doesn't like me eating pancakes on Sunday mornings! And he doesn't like to sleep much in the morning between 7am and midday.
He's pretty cute though isn't he?

I've been pretty busy lately. I finally finished this little quilt that I want to give to Quilts for Queensland .
I had a charm pack of what I think is some Michael Miller prints, and thought I had better use them! I am hopeless with remembering to make a note of the fabric lines I use so please excuse me if I am wrong. The back is a colourful dot print that I love and another that I can't remember! I just thought it would be a nice little baby boy's tummy time mat.

It is the first quilt I made with my new Janome. I had a few teething issues with it. Like when I was quilting it I ended up with a little bit of gathering on some of the lines where two meet. Maybe I need to use more pins when basting or use spray? Not sure, but when I get a chance I will use my lesson at the Janome shop to figure that out!
I've also been making pyjamas. I love pyjamas, on me and on kids! I made these for myself before I went into hospital
I posted them on my facebook page and got 17 orders for some for kids and some for mums!
I've made these so far

They just need elastic. I'm just waiting for more fabric for the mums ones to arrive.

Hopefully this weekend I can get started on a couple of little baby boy quilts for an old friends son and his wife. They had identical twin boys about eight weeks ago, abit prem with a few hiccups but doing great now. Hopefully I will have some pics of them next week... if I get to them!


Evelyn Jackson said...

Well done to being so productive with your little guy and on your new sewing machine. I tested mine out with spray basting with no pins on straight line quilting with the walking foot. Success! Love it. I have had no issues with puckering with this machine as I always did on my other one. Love your pjs. How much are you selling them for?

Kylie G said...

Hey Jo, Awesome job on the quilt and bloody fantastic job on the pj's. You are sooo talented. Plus Samuel is very very cute!

Monkeys in my pocket said...

Thanks for the tip Evelyn, will give it a go on the next quilt. The kids Pjs are $28 plus postage. they are pants and an appliqued top. Mums pjs are pants only for $38. Can try to find matching colour singlet for extra. I love your greeny socks you made. I wish I had the patience to knit!
Thanks Kylie. Im loving reading your blog!