Tuesday, April 12, 2011

For my Dad

It's my Dads 60th birthday on Saturday. We are flying to Melbourne specially for it. I wanted for it to be a surprise but my Mum blabbed! Oh well!
I wanted to make him something, and spent a couple of weeks thinking about it. I know 60 is a big one, but he doesn't want a fuss, so I made these...

A golf shoe bag, coz he's a mad keen golfer. And a little zipper bag for balls or whatever he wants to use it for. I had originally meant for it to be a toiletry bag, but it's a bit small I think so he can use it for anything he likes!

I'm actually pretty pleased with how it turned out. It was my first ever attempt at a zipper. Needs a little tweaking but looks OK.

And first attempt at a lined bag. I found a pattern on somewhere on google but changed the top bit with the cords to make 2 cords to do it up, and added the lining. It's a pretty hideous colour combo but Dads love anything their kids make!!

Plus I figured it was only going to get muddy from golf shoes anyway!

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Chicken Julie said...

He'll love them - totally cute. Great gifts for an avid golfer!