Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Green at Last!

It is finally green here on the farm. We didn't have rain for something like 85 days. Everything was dry and brown and depressing.
But now it is green and we have had rain! Green is so much better to look at.

Happy horses with green grass (note new feed bin with big truck tyre? I've been asking Ben to make me these for 3 years. I now have one. I need another 20!)

Vegie garden in need of attention. Big piles of cow poo waiting to be spread out and dug in.

Green paddocks (and sandy dam in front)

Seeing as it has been raining there wasn't much else to do but sew! First I made this sweet baby wrap for my lovely friend Bex and her new baby Issy. Of course it is made of lusious AMH Folksy Flannel and Innocent Crush Voile. I want to keep the wrap, I love it so much. Might make Samuel another one.

Then I made these...

and these

Could you see that I added pockets?
They are part of an order, there are two more pairs I still have to make but my new Janome Horizon is leaking electricity through the metal bits. I thought that my hands were playing tricks on me when I touched it coz I could feel little pin pricks. My sparky brother in law put his tester thingy on it and sure enough 150w are leaking out. I now have to make the trip to get it fixed or replaced.


Evelyn Jackson said...

Actually, now that you describe what's wrong with your sewing machine, mine is doing the same thing! Especially with the knee lifter! I stopped using it. I really should get mine tested too! Argh.

Monkeys in my pocket said...

oh no! apparently it means it isnt earthed properly

Evelyn Jackson said...

Oh joy! Not. I'm going to have to get hubby to cart it to get looked at. But where do you take it when you've bought it online from Qld??

Monkeys in my pocket said...

I guess just your local sewing machine shop. I will know in a week or less what is wrong with mine. If you want to wait till then it might give you a better idea of what to do with it!

Evelyn Jackson said...

Good idea. I'll just wait. I'm in no hurry. I've bene using it this whole time anyway :)