Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Do you believe in Signs? I do sometimes.
Like when I met my husband and new that he was 'The One'. I met him at a horse sale and we had trade stands next to each other. On that first day we met he went to get a coffee, and brought me one back too, with out even asking if I wanted one. So thoughtful.
It was my sign.
Well, this morning I was looking for some Katie Jump Rope fabric on Etsy. I found what I wanted, but it was REALLY expensive.
I ummed and ahhed for a while then thought what the heck I'll get it.
Well, the first lot wouldn't accept with Paypal (first sign), so I looked further and found another lot cheaper! I was pretty excited this time!
Went to pay with Paypal.... doesn't accept Paypal either.
It was a sign.
I closed Etsy and went and had breakfast.