Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Catching up

So, I've dropped behind in the Fat Mum Slim photo a day challenge. BUT, I'm catching up now! 

Day 12 - A Fork

Day 13 - A Sign (this came in the mail yesterday with a letter from my local group. It's something that I've been thinking about for a fair while now. I think it was a sign and I've made the first move)

And here is something else I'm catching up on. I am ashamed to say that this is part of a commission I was asked to do quite some time ago now. Three horse quilts and a donkey baby quilt. The top of two are done, just need putting together and finishing. But I had no inspiration what so ever from the horse fabrics I found.
Until the other night when I was thinking about the DS fabrics I picked up at Spotlight the other day. I think they suit this horse print perfectly.
The quilts are for three young sisters (all horsey) and so I wanted them to be a bit girly, not lots of browns and depressing colours. There were no colour requests, just horsey! I've got nine more of these blocks to make, I'm not sure if I should add some white sashing to help lighten it or not. What do you think?

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