Monday, March 19, 2012

Curious Nature

Last Friday my lovely Opa passed away. He had cancer and decided that he didn't want to go through harsh treatments to try and spend time with his family before he passed away.
He was a funny, cheeky, kind gentleman who was a true family leader. This year was to be his and Oma's 60th wedding anniversary.
We will miss him dearly but we are glad that he is now at peace.

On Saturday night I just all of a sudden had an urge to sew. To not think, just sew. I had received my order of Curious Nature by David Butler the day before. I thought that I really liked it when I saw it online, but when I opened my parcel, I didn't anymore. All grey and greeny and dark.
I thought about just leaving it there, but after a while I just knew what I had to do with it. Just cut it and sew and add a couple of bits.

This is what I came up with

I just cut up different sizes of fabric and pieced them on my design wall (yes, I have a design wall now - don't know how I went without! I'll show you later)

I love the red surprises that pop up. Those red gems are Groove Flowers from Long Live Vintage I think.
I was inspired to put them in from this lovely quilt. I think they add a bit of interest.
 Peek a Boo!!

I quilted it with little loopy swirls like the Spotted Owls are sitting on. It's fun and funky and different.

It was so liberating to put together. For the back I used a piece of Amy Butler Belle Full Bloom in Orange that I have been sitting on for years not knowing what to do with it (honestly? I didn't like it anymore either). It is perfect on the back of this quilt. And I went with Timeless Treasures Cross Hatch Charcoal for the binding (which I LOVE with the backing fabric)

 I can't wait to use the rest of my Parson Grey Curious Nature now! This is my favourite little quilt I've made and those 'pods' - every time I looked at them they reminded me of my Opa. Maybe he had a shirt made out of similar fabric?
RIP Opa xxxxx


Suz said...

Wow - you work fast. Quilt looks great - and good to put the fabric to use. Sorry to hear about your Grandfather passing. Thankyou for your comment on the arrival of our little Emily:)

moira said...

It's a beautiful quilt and the backing has inspired me. My mum is in the end stages of cancer and after her first chemo session has decided against doing any more so she can concentrate on spending time with family rather than being so poorly from it. A brave decision by her and your Opa. Take care

Monkeysinmypocket said...

thankyou both for your kind words