Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photo a day (2 days) + some Grannies!

Day 3 Neighborhood (not much!)

Day 4 - Bedside

I couldn't help myself! I was driving home yesterday and all of a sudden knew what to do with the FMF charm packs I have been hoarding! Granny Squares!
I'm sure you've seen this quilt and tutorial  made by the very talented Jolene of Blue Elephant Stitches.
Well, funnily enough, I have actually been trying to teach myself how to crochet from a book. I'm not succeeding. I had been inspired by an amazing granny square baby blanket I had seen at a local shop. I actually would have bought it but it wasn't for sale. So I stocked up on supplies and a "Learn crochet in a day" (yeah right) book. I just can't get it.
Solution - quilt them!

Four down, another 4 laid out, that makes eight. I'm thinking I either want 12 or 16. I'm not sure yet. Lucky they are so darn fun to make!  But I am sure that I am definitely keeping this one. I haven't made myself a quilt yet so it's about time!

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