Monday, January 24, 2011

Introducing Samuel James!

Well, he's here! Little Samuel arrived into the world at 8.32am Thursday 20th Jan 2011, and what a mission it was to get him out! He certainly didn't want to budge!

My Dr and I agreed that the best option was for a Caesarean as the little guy wasn't engaging and on Thursday morning with no less than four, yes four, people pushing on my chest and stomach he confirmed that he would rather stay nice and safe and comfortable in my tummy! Samuel weighed in at 9 pound 10 (a week early remember!).

I was pretty sick for a few days after as I had a pretty heavy bleed and lots of bruising, so wasn't allowed to eat or drink for 24hrs after and had to be on bag after bag of fluids for 48hrs. I'm feeling fairly despondent about the birth as it was pretty scary for a while, being pushed so hard and seeing a few worried faces around me, not to mention the silence that dropped over the room while they were trying to get him out.
I had hoped to go back for a third, but not too sure about if I want to go through all that again.

Little Samuel has been such a champion, sleeping, feeding, having a couple of little awake play times, then back for a feed and back to sleep. The nights have been pretty good, a rough one the first night with me sick and Samuel wanting to feed all night to get my milk coming through. He is at the moment only up twice during the night which I am sure will change now that I have mentioned that!

I had mad a sweet little wrap from AMH folksy flannel and some voile and when we came home yesterday I wrapped him up and carried him to the car in it. I love it.

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Chicken Julie said...

He's gorgeous. Much love and congratulations.