Sunday, January 2, 2011


What a morning! We took Ben down to the beach so he could do a shore dive, that's where he walks into the water with all his dive gear on and swims away instead of diving off the boat.

William and I found a shady spot under a tree and set up his little shade tent he got for Christmas. He was happily playing init with his diggers and trucks - he didn't want to swim or playing the water. It was pretty hot in the tent and his face was getting redder so he came over and set up his construction site with me under the cooler shade of the tree. About 5 to 10 minutes later I noticed a little head poking out from behind the tent, then out slid a long green body. It was heading away from us so I kept watch quietly so as not to scare William.

It headed into a bush so I relaxed, but all of a sudden, it was as if the snake got a fright by something in the bush and jumped round and was facing us with its head in the air as though it was looking at us. I grabbed Williams arm and dragged him back up toward the car park and watched as the snake sped over to where we were sitting, sliding all over our towels and mat and Williams toys. It started to come up the rock that I had been sitting on, but thankfully turned and went back behind the tent and into the rocks it had obviously come out of.

My heart was beating a million miles an hour and William was quite shaken also, more so by the fact the snake had been slithering round in his toys I think!

We stood hand in hand looking to see if it was coming back for what seemed like ages, and something made me look to the side where the bush was. Out ambled a blue tounge lizard! They are supposed to be very territorial and keep snakes away. Probably the reason the snake left the bush in such a hurry.

We slowly returned to our stuff and William cautiously started playing with his stuff again, constantly asking questions about snakes, where had it come from, what was it doing, where was it now, was it coming back?
It didn't come back, and we made Ben pack up the tent when he got back, just in case it was underneath!

I really don't like snakes and the last place I thought I'd see one is at the beach!

Some sewing tomorrow - hopefully!

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