Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The last of 2010

Just before Christmas I had a last minute sewing splurge I guess you could call it.
I finished Williams quilt which I had started about April or May last year. I pulled it apart and as I couldn't find the enthusiasm to make another 20 blocks for it I sashed it with white and ended up only having to make 2 extra blocks. I'm pretty happy with it and he loves it. Unfortunately I haven't taken any pics of it yet so can't show you, but will I promise.

We didn't have anything to give to Bens sister so I whipped her up one of my famous reversable aprons in her favourite colours. She loved it and so do I actually!

I felt that William didn't have enough stuff in his Christmas stocking so I quickly made him a bucket hat as he had outgrown his other two. Again no photo yet but will get one tomorrow. Oh and he got a pair of PJ pants as I felt guilty for making heaps of specially ordered Michael Miller Dig It sets for lots of little boys and William constantly asking if they were for him as "But I love them mummy" was ringing around the house when the fabric was out.

It was Bens little sister Kates birthday on the 30th and last year I made her a purple and white quilt. This year I made her these matching cushions.

Never made cushions in my life, but I managed to get these two done in the same afternoon, so I was pretty happy with that. So was she actually! They were fun to make so I think I will be making a few more this year. I've seen some really cool ones on Flickr, infact I've seen LOADS of really cool stuff on Flickr that I want to use as inspiration this year!
So there you have it. Not many photos, but I did get a fair bit made right in the last week and a half of the year 2010.
My list for 2011 gets bigger by the day!

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