Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One week already

I can't believe it has been one week already. Little Samuel seems to have settled into life in our house with amazing ease.
He has two little 'awake' times one in the morning and one in the evening, other than that at them moment he sleeps for a couple of hours, wakes, feeds and then sleeps again. Easy! For now!

I am waiting for the two and a half week mark for it to all change. It may not happen, but with William he hit two and a half weeks and then the world became too much for him. It was like his little brain became overwhelmed with data and activity and we would get lots of crying and screaming every day about five pm. I did lots of observing and thinking about it and realised that the TV was a main culprit. Not me putting him in front of the TV, but the flicking lights from me watching it in a dark room. As soon as I realised this, which was about 2 weeks later I kept the TV off while feeding and 'hey presto' the crying subsided and wasnt quite as bad.
Have I learnt from this? Yes I have so far!

So, Samuel has settled in, but his big brother is having some difficulty. Oh, he loves his little brother and reminds us that he is excited to have him, but his ears seem to have closed over to any sound I make. I keep being told it is normal, but it really is breaking my heart at the moment.

William has gone from an obliging, independant and helpful two and a half year old to an insecure, displaced almost shadow of himself. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. He now sucks his fingers, he can't have me out of his sight, he has completely forgotten his manners. He will do anything for attention and I mean anything. Negative attention mainly. I try to do stuff he wants to do and spend time with him but it isn't enough for him it seems. I sure hope it settles down soon.

Getting back to sewing, I can't wait to get back into it, I have a quilt to finish and another one to start - one for Samuel. Pyjamas to make - my Madeit store is looking empty and I have some orders to get to. But at the moment as my legs still look like tree trunks from the Caesaren I have to keep them up as much as possible so it has to wait.

AND did you see this The auctions raised an amazing $99,089! That's incredible!! WELL DONE everyone involved! That is a huge effort

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