Friday, January 7, 2011

Williams quilt

I started this quilt way back in April or May last year, it was so long ago I can't remember!

Originally I hadn't planned on any sashing, just the blocks all sewn together. I made sixteen and lost my mojo!I simply didn't want to make any more blocks for it so I folded it up and left it on the pile!

When it was two weeks until Christmas I decided I wanted to finish it before the baby arrived so that William would have his promised quilt for his big bed.
I unpicked the blocks, made four more and sashed it with white.

The back is just plain red, but I love the binding. I have no idea of the name, I remember I got it from Spotlight yonks ago and the rest is from the stash.

I wrapped it up and put it under the Christmas Tree for him.

It has been perfect for summer sleeping as he hasn't been getting too hot under it it looks great in his room.

Guess I need some panoramic room photos now!!

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