Monday, June 6, 2011

Can't comment but can post

Is anyone else having trouble with Blogger? I can't leave comments on other blogs and I can't comment on the comments on my own blog! Ever since Blogger went offline for those days last month.
So I'm not being rude, I just can't comment!
But i just want to say that I was sort of relieved to read that I'm not the only one who has had trouble 'adjusting' to motherhood. It is tough going from an independant person to being totally depended on by little people and sometimes it feels like you just can't escape.
Here, in this house, now, I am trying to get things back to basics. Samuel has been having alot of sleep issues, and I think that is partly my fault. I'm too busy worrying about William being bored that I am whisking everyone into the car to go here there and everywhere and little Sam is suffering the interupted sleep pattern. So we are staying home alot more during this time. Get Sam back to sleeping. Poor little man.
There is plenty for William to do here at the farm at the moment. Right now, he's out on the tractor with Ben mulching. Oh, and don't worry, the tractor has a cab with a little seat and seat belt. He can't fall out.
William and I have been making bread. He loves doing it, I love doing it and it is better for us. No preservatives etc.
We are getting stuck into the vegie garden. Again, something William and I both love. I used to sit him out with me all the time when he was a baby and once he could sit up he would sit on a garden bed edge and chew on a silverbeet stem. As he got bigger I taught him to plant onions. They were pretty tough and it didn't matter that he would pull them out to show people that he had planted them. We could shove them back in and they'd just keep on growing! Now he loves digging, planting, havesting and eating. And he knows that it doesn't all just come from the supermarket!
We already grow our own meat - lamb, beef and pork. In fact we are expecting pigglets any day now. Cute!
I am a chook hoarder and now have over 30! I know, I know, strange right? I love them, they are funny and they lay eggs...lots of eggs!!
The house is being de cluttered slowly. This makes me happy, like weights are lifted off my shoulders everytime something is cleaned out or off and it looks neat and simple. I can't stand mess and I think I since having kids and messy husband I have allowed myself to fall into step with them and it has weighed me down. NO MORE MESS.
We are currently having a woodfired pizza oven built. Loving it and can't wait for it to be operational. So many potential meal ideas coming into my head. And a fun way for people to come and gather and eat and connect. Can't wait.
And sewing. Trying to get back to fun. Trying not to compete with what's out there.


Jessica said...

I have only been able to leave comments again in the last day or so.
I love hearing how other people live, you sound quite self-sufficent. It would be nice to be able to produce our own meat but that isn't possible, we do have chooks though. I can't wait to hear how your pizza oven goes, we have been dreaming about building one.

Evelyn Jackson said...

Again, I'm feeling you. I was the same taking Kai out all the time for fear of him getting bored. Then I realised that Ryder really needed a sleep pattern. So we had to change everything ever so slightly and it seems to be working...well a little bit. I'm still waiting for the magic moment he sleeps right through regularly. Try this: It's what we're trying :) x