Monday, June 20, 2011

Five months

I can't believe Samuel is five months old today. To celebrate he started solids. A month early I know but he is sooo hungry even after lots of breastfeeds and he is sooo big that I gave in today.

And judging by the way he was hanging on to the spoon, he was ready. After I gave him the first little bit I put the spoon down to wait and see what his reaction was. He screamed! It was like "Hey! Pick up that spoon and give me more!" He had his mouth wide open ready for more! He is so cute, with the best smile. He is as tickelish as his dad and so laid back and quiet. He is just the sweetest little boy ever.

Oh and here is a little thing I made. William is only the model (under sufferance I might add)

It is another of Toni's fantastic patterns. Again it had simple instructions and came together easily. I made this one for William's little friend Harry who turned 3 on Sunday.
It's Williams turn this Sunday.

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Evelyn Jackson said...

We did solids yesterday too. 4.5mths old but worth a go. Ryder and Samuel sound very similar in character. So smily and happy...most of the time. X