Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just another update

I mentioned here that my Janome Horizon was giving me electric shocks and had electricity leaking out throught the metal parts. Well after taking it back to the dealer I got it from (with them unable to explain it), a letter from an electritian saying it was unsafe to use, speaking to the WA Janome head salesman (Brian) at the Quilt fair in Perth and then getting it shipped to Melbourne headquarters, they are still looking at it but it has been recalled back to Tokyo and I'm getting a new one.
It will be here tomorrow and hopefully when I use this one I wont keep getting zapped!
I know alot of people have been having various problems with the model and have not been getting any help form Janome. Some have even told that it is the operator not the machine as they aren't professionally trained sewers. How many of us are professionally trained sewers? Probably not that many I'd say (I know I most definately am not!) Many have asked for their money back and have sworn off Janome for life now. I am going to give them a second chance but I think that I might mention the treatment of others to Brian when he comes tomorrow. See what he has to say about it.
Here's hoping I just had a dud and that it isn't every machine that is dodgy.

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