Thursday, June 30, 2011

A birthday and a storm

I can't believe how time flies. William was three on Sunday. Amazing. Gone is the 'toddler' label he is officially a little boy! I wanted his birthday to be a special one as this was the first one that he really understood that it was his birthday and that it was all about him. He wanted a chocolate cake (like Nigella made), but didn't want a party, just some friends to play at the park with him. He said who he wanted to come, he didn't want party food, just cake (like Nigella made). He said he had a great day, and he still talks about it almost a week later!

Then there was THE STORM! it hit at 4.20am and lasted all of 10minutes, but boy it made a mess. It was like a mini cyclone or tornado. I remember the reports from the Queensland Cyclone about the noise, just the awful noise. Well, I heard it at 4.20am Tuesday morning.
The power went out before it hit and stayed out till 9pm that night. We had fences blown over. The posts were snapped at ground level. Fortunately the horses stayed in their paddocks. The road to our farm was like a battle field. There were trees down along the whole 3km. Everyone is slowly cleaning up.

Some people who have lived in the area their whole lives have said they have never seen anything like it. Amazing

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