Saturday, June 11, 2011


Remember some of my photos of William had been taken and used on a hideous 'boy love' website? Well, apart from contacting the webmaster, I also alerted the ACMA (Australian Communitcations and Media Aurthority). They reviewed the content of the website and found that it contained prohibited content. Unfortunately it was a site hosted outside of Australia so they were unable to shut it down, BUT the did refer it to the Internet Industry Assoc. who control the world of internet and asked for it to be delt with.
An interesting thing was that a day after me contacting the webmaster of the site my photos were gone and two days after that the webmaster emailed me and said they couldnt find what I was talking about! Ha!
Anyway, the good news is that it was taken seriously and something was done about it.

Now, onto fun updates...

It's days away from being used! Tomorrow we can light a little fire in there and that will start the rest of the curing process. Three days of little fire, then we cook!
I'd really like to tile around the oven - the top of the 'bench' and mosaic the dome. There is one in town at the community garden I really like. I think it will look great and I'm jumping up and down clapping my hands in joyful excitement at the prospect of cooking in there before the week is out!


Evelyn Jackson said...

That is awesome news. Your post inspired me to sadly take down all pics of my kids. Even really innocent ones of my biggest in a full snow suit. Creeps still might find that 'cute'. Gross! Loving your pizza oven. When can I come around in my PJs? :)

make it perfect said...

Hey Jo - just letting you know that you have won a copy of my Big Downtown Boy pattern on my blog :)
Send me an email with your address and I'll send it off to you!