Friday, July 15, 2011

A Vest

I love Make it Perfect patterns. They are so easy to follow and what ever it is that I am making, always turns out perfect!
I finally got around to making this cute vest for Samuel.

Isn't it sweet? And doesn't he look cute in it?


Evelyn Jackson said...

So friggin cute! Ours are growing up way too fast. Are you stopping at 2?

Monkeys in my pocket said...

they are growing up fast! he's in size 1 already and only 6mths old! I would like another, but working on hubby still! What about you?

Evelyn Jackson said...

Size 1! Ours is in 0 and I thought he was big ;)

I've alway been adament that there will definitely be no more. But yesterday I was looking at Ryder and thinking "ooooh, maybe the factory is just shut for the winter and not completely closed down". We'll see :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely vest - Great work Jo. You are so talented.