Monday, July 25, 2011

Cute baby shoes

I made these super cute little baby shoes for Samuel today.

The pattern is reversible but I used some left over minki for the inside instead.
I enlarged the pattern on the photocopier as the size was only for newborn. I made it big enough so the sole was the right size for Samuels feet so I made them. I changed the elastic length so it made the foot hole bigger too.
When I had finished them, they didn't fit!
I think they are so cute, I'm going to have to enlarge the pattern again and use bigger elastic pieces! Lucky they were quick and easy to make. I'm definitely going to make more than one pair.
My friend Emily had a baby boy on Wednesday so I think I will add this pair to her baby gift bag!

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Kylie G said...

Jo you are sooo talented, I wish I could sew like you!!!