Friday, July 8, 2011


When the piggies were born we decided that we had better move them from the paddock into the calf rearing shed as we were expecting lots of rain over the week.

Lucky we did as a tree fell right on top of where she had them in her paddock when we had the tornado.

Yesterday their new home was finished and we set them free again!

They loved the grass!

It was great to see them outside, running after mummy pig (now named Doris), hiding in the grass, just being piggies!


Evelyn Jackson said...

You have such a gorgeous life. My hubby's dream romantic life. Not sure how many plasmas he could sell living on a farm though :)

Monkeys in my pocket said...

oh, he'd sell plenty of Plasmas (if you mean TV's) Ben can't stop buying them! he's talking about putting one out with the pizza oven so he can watch the footy out there!!

Evelyn Jackson said...

Not sure he'd reach his mil$250 a year target though :) Outdoor plasma sound brilliant. Though I'm not sure Panasonic has them yet.

Anonymous said...

Awesome piggys! Great pictures.