Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Do you ever experiment? I do, all the time. Usually with food, sometimes with sewing. Sometimes my experiments work and sometimes they don't. This is one time it did. And I'm pretty chuffed about it.

I took my Make It Perfect kids vest pattern (from Toni's book) and instead of putting a collar on it I added a hood! Instead of padding it with pellon and making it reversible I lined the body with polar fleece and for the hood used some purple flannel. I love it!
This is for little Bella for her birthday. She is one of Williams best friends. She has juvenile arthritis and has an aversion to wearing clothes with sleeves and pants. I'm hoping the vest might help keep her a bit warmer while she scoots around on her new pink scooter she got from her mum and dad.

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Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Hello Ms. Monkeys, have popped by to leave a comment because I can't email you - have you thought of enabling your email addy so folks can email replies to you?
Thanks so much for dropping by the blog, it makes me really happy to hear of people enjoying it. And I hope you get the chance to come over to Europe and travel - don't forget to visit the south of France!
I have to ask about the super-cute baby shoes in your last post - where did you find/buy the pattern for those? I would love to make some for our little guy and maybe even his toddler brother if the size goes large enough (you are very clever with your tip on enlarging the pattern).
K x
P.S Well done with the hood, don't you love it when a plan works out. I have a pretty bad strike rate with those sorts of things so it's nice to see a success story!