Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Kids On the Block

No, not the boy band of my youth! These new kids....

We picked them up on Saturday. Our new "Friendly Goats"

They are brother and sister. We haven't named them yet. They are pretty cute.

We are bottle feeding them three times a day at the moment. As soon as we get a shelter in their paddock they can go outside. The weather here is pretty awful again. We lost another fence today and more trees.
Anyway we need a few name suggestions as we are really stuck on ideas. Any suggestions?


Evelyn Jackson said...

I'm hopefully with names, but I found this:

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo
What about Grant and Gwen because they are both Goats!

Monkeys in my pocket said...

can't do Grant as our neighbor's name is Grant! We could do Gwen though. Will check with William!
thanks girls!

Kate said...

Charlie and Lola! ^_^